Wish You Could Play Golf at Home?

Get an artificial putting green installation in the Nesconset, Garden City, Massapequa, NY & Nassau County area

You won't have to leave home to play golf when you have a putting green in your own backyard. To get your own putting green, hire the artificial putting green installers at SL Synthetic Lawn Turf Inc. in or near Nesconset, Garden City, Massapequa, NY & Nassau County.

We provide artificial putting green installation services by:

  • Replacing the upper layer of your topsoil
  • Removing weeds and preventing future weed growth
  • Protecting it with a layer of fabric lining
  • Building a base for your putting green
  • Adding the putting green to your base
When we're finished, you can enjoy golf whenever you want. Call 631-624-7473 now to find out more about our artificial putting green installation services.

Customize your putting green

When you work with our artificial putting green installers, you can choose anything from a flat, square green to a challenging green with a sand bar. You can tailor the artificial turf to your property, desired results and budget. Reach out to a local professional today to explore the options.